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The Gossler, Gobert & Wolters Group is the oldest insurance broker in continental Europe. As experts in insurance and risk management, we have been supporting our clients since 1758.

GGW International

GGW – International insurance

New sales markets, foreign production facilities or a new sales location - German medium-sized companies have long been operating globally and require appropriate insurance coverage. In cooperation with international networks, we advise customers in over 80 countries and develop individual risk concepts for them that take into account both local and company-specific requirements. ...more

GGW in Germany

GGW – German insurance broker

In everyday life every entrepreneur has to deal with risks. In many companies targeted analysis and control is neglected or operated selectively. This is precisely where the risk management of Gossler, Gobert & Wolters Group comes in. Our holistic approach enables us to analyze the risks and provide a timely overview of potential dangers. ...more

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